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National Mirror Committees

UNMZ's external experts are organized in National Mirror Committees (NMC/TNK) and their subsidiary working bodies. One TNK is responsible for each distinct area of activity and also coordinates the corresponding standardization work at European and international level. Each TNK handles a number od European and international technical committees and as a rule every TNK has one of the UNMZ's technical officers as a secretary.

If you have any question, please contact us via email 'extrel@unmz.cz'.


TNKName in English
1Technical documentation
3Personal safety protectives
4Applications of statistical methods
6Quality management and quality assurance
7Dimensional and geometrical product specification and verification
11Mechanical vibration and shock
12Quantities and units
14Energy management and sustainable energy consumption
20Information technology
21Electrotechnical terminology
22Electrotechnical regulations
23Rubber and rubber products
24Geometrical precision of buildings and structures
25Gears, gearboxes and splining
26Gas, liquid and solid fuels burning appliances
27Fire safety of structures
31Textiles and textile products
32Corrosion prevention and protection
33Electrical appliances and electrical hand tools
34Timber structures
35Steel structures
36Concrete structures
37Masonry structures
38Reliability of structures
39Mortar binders, limestones and gypsum
40Environmental conditions, classification and methods of tests including fire hazard testing
42Data exchange
43Thermal performance of buildings
44Refractory materials and products
47Electromagnetic compatibility
48Hydraulic turbines and storage pumps
49Industrial steel pipes and pipe components
52Plastics and plastics products
53Pulps, paper and board
55Gas appliances
56Electrical measuring instruments
59Construction equipment, earth-moving equipment and excavators
60Doors, windows and curtain walling
64Mechanical testing of metals
65Isolation of buildings
66Urban networks
67Light sources, luminaires and related equipment
68Cables and conductors
75Ventilation engineering
77Industrial furnaces
78Packages and packaging
80Non-destructive metal testing
81Medical devices
87A-v technology and ecodesign
90Boilers for central heating
91Pressure vessels and chemical industry appliances
93Heating and hot water systems
94Water engineering
95Waste water engineering
97Electric power engineering
98Fibre optics
99Stone and aggregates
100Chains, ropes, slings and accessories
101Boilers and specific pressure appliances
102Components and materials for electronics and electrical engineering
103Pressure vessels for gas transport
104Water quality
106Environmental  management
107Lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors
110Electrical insulation materials
111Machine tools
112Refrigeration technique
113Electro-chemical current sources
114Terminology: principles and coordination
115Containers, swap bodies and palets
117Air quality
118Crude petroleum and petroleum products
119Concrete products
120Thermal insulation products and materials
121Equipment and protective systems for explosive atmospheres
122Geographic information/geomatics
123Lifting and materials handling equipment
124Electrical fire and security alarm systems
126Transport electrical engineering
127Solar energy and laser equipment
128Ships and floating installations
129Rotating machinery
130Electrical accessories, low voltage fuses
131Plastic piping systems
132Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting
134Bitumen and bituminous binders
135Timber and wood-based products
136Road transport and traffic telematics
137Articles for children
138Solid biofuels, solid recovered fuels  and biomass for energy application
140Glass in building
142Explosives and pyrotechnic articles
143Cabelway installation
146Design of roads, bridges and tunnels
147Design and execution of pavements and road earthwork
148Crime prevention and societal security
149Sustainability of construction works
151Food products
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